“Trust Worthy !!

Steve n Adam were very professional men. They didn’t hide any information. They willing answered all my questions. They were understanding of my situation. They kept me up to date and informed about everything. I was even able to converse with the title office to get things done sooner. I didn’t ask for more than the property was worth, so they gave me what I ask for the property. When I ask for something in writing, they did it with no hesitation. They were honest with me about the house’s condition. I have been betrayed to the point that I don’t trust strangers. I didn’t trust them or any other buyer in the beginning. But Adam and Steve proved that they are trust worthy! I was also honest with them. It goes to prove that when both parties are truthful, the business is satisfying. We were sad to sell our house, but happy that we chose the right people to buy it. I would highly recommend anyone to put their trust in them when selling your house. They will be fair and honest.